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Zoë Carlon & Hannah Whitfield - Parts

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28/07/2021 - 04/08/2021

The exhibition can be viewed on Monday 2nd August and Wednesday 4th August by appointment only, 1 - 7pm.
To make an appointment please contact 

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Artwalk Wakefield

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42 Bishopgate Walk, The Ridings Shopping Centre, Wakefield, WF1 1DS

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Hannah and Zoë are artists, from Wakefield, who have worked collaboratively for the first time on this Artwalk commission.

They have made paintings and sculptures in response to the varying environments and objects they encountered when walking around Wakefield city centre and the surrounding areas. Choosing to focus on the edges of the city, where residential meets industrial, and public meets private, they have responded intuitively to form, materiality, texture and colour to create a series of works in dialogue.

They see this project very much as a work in progress, and not a resolved exhibition, that has enabled them to explore new methods and combine their practices. The plaster sculptural forms and oil on aluminium paintings record their experience of walking aimlessly within the city and draw attention to the often overlooked edges of our landscapes.

About Hannah Whitfield
Roaming alone and quietly observing her surroundings is Hannah's usual preliminary working style, often returning home with pockets and fists heavy with detritus. She is interested in the blurring of contradictions. Notably, culture/nature, public/private, staged/reality, and decoration/function.  Hannah has spent recent years learning various traditional building techniques, which she is now using to inform more tactile, sculptural work. She is also currently studying for a Masters in Landscape Architecture which continues to have a symbiotic relationship with her practice.

About Zoë Carlon
 Zoë's paintings draw on spaces that are both public and private. She is interested in spatial conditions that create a sense of solitude and the peripheries of transitory space. Recently she has been developing paintings on aluminium, working with a subtle colour palette and ambiguous, cropped compositions. For this exhibition she has made the works in situ, responding directly to the environment.

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