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Wakefield District Sight Aid: Members Showcase

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30/03/2022 - 30/03/2022

On Artwalk night 17:0021:00

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Artwalk Wakefield

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Food Court / Tree Bar, Upper Floor of The Ridings, WF1 1DS

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Wakefield District Sight Aid is a local, independent charity that has been supporting people living with sight loss across the Wakefield District for over 150 years. On Artwalk night, Wakefield District Sight Aid members will be proud to showcase their work and talk to you about their creative journey alongside their sight loss journey.

Joining us will be:

Alan, who is registered blind and who established the Wakefield Visually Impaired Group which has been meeting fortnightly on Monday evenings at The Red Shed for over 20 years. Alan creates stone and wood carvings.

Ania, who had 20% vision until she was 7, and then lost her remaining sight, brims with positivity and aims to spread joy through a variety of creative work. Ania creates artwork from 2mm glass beads, including sculptures, ornaments, jewellery, lamps and frequently uses LED lights in her work.

Brian,  who exhibited some of his photographic work at Artwalk in January 2020. He was first diagnosed as severely sight impaired (blind) in 2008 and his latest work explores the first chapter of the Bible through a series of very large paintings (reduced down to smaller photographic reproductions for the purposes of Artwalk).

Tomas, who lost his sight in his early 30s in an horrific doorstep acid attack in 2017. Having previously been a hairdresser and no longer able to practice in that field, he subsequently launched Crafting in the Dark, a bespoke arts and crafts company that also runs workshops to encourage others to pick up a paint brush, knitting or sewing needles.

All our exhibitors prove that disability is little more than a distraction and not something to put a stop to what you want to achieve. We hope you will enjoy meeting them and experiencing their work.


Location: The Ridings - Food Court / Tree Bar

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